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Agile Methods


Qualytic Consulting coaches lead enterprise transformations to Agile methods to enable software development organizations to become high-performing

Agile methods enable fast software development with reduced risk

Leading Agile methods and techniques


Extreme Programming (XP)

Lean Software Development (Lean)


Some of these are interrelated. For example Scrum works best when firmly supported by engineering practices (XP) and by value flow principles (Lean)

The Scaled Agile Framework implements Lean-Agile development at enterprise scale


Benefits of Agile Methods

  • Shorter time to value
  • Early usable results
  • Fast response to change
  • Sharp focus on customer priorities
  • Low process overhead
  • High transparency
  • Improved productivity

Well-implemented Scrum can increase productivity by multiples of 2x, 4x, 8x over performance with traditional (e.g., waterfall) methods

Agile Teams

  • Get work done faster
  • Prioritize work based on business value
  • Adapt to changing requirements
  • Eliminate waste in the value stream
  • Maintain high momentum
  • Reduce risk
  • Are fully transparent to stakeholders


Core Principles of Agile Methods

Iterative and incremental delivery

Releases delivered in iterations

Product delivery in small functional releases

minimizes risk

early feedback on changes


Team members self-organize

No top-down management control

Continuous Improvement

The delivery process is inspected and adapted


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